Spin996 Review

Spin996 is an online casino platform that is operating in Singapore and Malaysia. The site is offering a wide range of wagering services such as slot games, live casinos, and sports betting.

In this review, we will be providing you with the essential information that you need to know before you sign-up for an account on the site. 


list arrowMultiple assortments of bonuses and promotions are available
list arrowLive casino games are also being offered
list arrowAccommodating live chat personnel


list arrowNo options for responsible gambling
list arrowPayment options are scarce

Spin996 Bonuses

Spin996 is offering a competitive list of bonuses and promotions to their new and existing customers. There are promotions available on the site for various purposes such as rebates, reloads, sign-ups, cashback, referrals, and loyalty programs. 

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The most popular offering is their 200% Welcome Bonus which is the preliminary reward that anyone can get on the site. This bonus allows players to get a 150% reward on their first deposit and a 50% on their second deposit. For players to claim their welcome bonus, they need to place an initial wager of $100, and at least $50 on their second wager.

Banking at Spin996

list arrowMinimum deposit: SGD 10
list arrowDeposit method: Local bank transfer
list arrowWithdrawal method: Local bank transfer
list arrowWithdrawal limit: SGD 50 (Max SGD 50k – 5x a day)
list arrowSupported currencies: Singapore Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit

Spin996 Sportsbook

The good thing about Spin996 is that they are in good partnership with some of the best sports betting providers in the region. These game suppliers already established a good reputation in the betting industry as reliable providers of high-quality betting service. 

Spin996 are covering almost every known singapore online sportsbook in the whole wide world such as soccer, tennis, baseball, American football, cricket, and a whole lot more. The site is also offering betting odds on major sports events such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, NBA, Formula 1, etc. 

Spin996 Live Casino

There is also a variety of live dealer games on the site, and all of these games are also powered by the game providers that are in partnership with online casino singapore. The live casino games are being presided over by dealers who are trained to provide the players with a better gambling hand. 

The live casino games that are being offered on the site come in various forms of table games such as live roulette, live sic bo, live blackjack, live baccarat, and live poker. All of these live dealer games are being hosted by real-life croupiers and the live betting games are operating 24/7 which also allows players to join in the live game anytime. 

Spin996 Slots

Spin996 Casino is offering online slots singapore games that are hugely popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. The catalog of slot titles on the site is continuously growing because they’re being updated by the game providers that are in collaboration with the betting platform. 

All of the slot titles that are on the site are organized according to themes which also come in a variety of forms such as jungle adventure, Greek mythology, spy thriller, cyberpunk, treasure hunt, Ancient Chinese, and a whole lot more. You will find exciting slot titles on the site such as Great Blue, Monkey Thunderbolt, Wukong, Captain’s Treasure, Great Wall 99, Highway Kings, King’s Derby, Dolphin Reef, Silver Bullet, and a whole lot more.

Spin996 Loyalty Program

Regular I

list arrowUpgrade Points: No
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: No
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: No
list arrowBirthday Bonus: No
list arrowMonth Bonus: No
list arrowHoliday Bonus: No

Regular II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 1000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 10,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 18
list arrowBirthday Bonus: No
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 18
list arrowHoliday Bonus: No

Regular III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 3000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 30,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 38
list arrowBirthday Bonus: No
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 38
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 18

Bronze I

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 10,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 100,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 88
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 38
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 88
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 38

Bronze II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 30,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 300,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 188
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 58
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 188
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 88

Bronze III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 70,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 700,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 388
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 88
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 258
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 108

Silver I

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 150,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 1,500,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 588
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 188
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 288
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 108

Silver II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 300,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 3,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 288
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 388
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 188

Silver III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 500,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 5,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 1188
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 388
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 458
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 258

Gold I

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 700,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 7,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 1188
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 488
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 488
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 288

Gold II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 1,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 10,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 2288
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 588
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 588
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 358

Gold III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 1,500,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 15,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 2688
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 888
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 688
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 388

Platinum I

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 2,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 20,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 2988
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 1088
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 788
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 458

Platinum II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 3,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 30,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 3188
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 1288
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 488

Platinum III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 4,500,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 45,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 4888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 1588
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 1888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 588

Diamond I

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 7,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 70,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 6888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 1888
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 2888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 688

Diamond II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 10,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 100,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 8888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 2588
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 3888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 788

Diamond III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 15,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 150,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 11888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 2888
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 4288
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 888

Ruby I

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 20,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 200,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 13888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 3888
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 4888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 1088

Ruby II

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 25,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 250,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 18888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 4888
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 5888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 1888

Ruby III

list arrowUpgrade Points: SGD 35,000,000
list arrowAccumulated Deposit: SGD 350,000,000
list arrowUpgrade Bonus: SGD 23888
list arrowBirthday Bonus: SGD 5888
list arrowMonth Bonus: SGD 6888
list arrowHoliday Bonus: SGD 2888

Spin996 User Experience

Spin996 is a reputable online casino that utilizes several methods to improve the overall design of the website. When you visit the website for the first time, you will notice the brand new look of the site. The graphical elements use a combination of dark blue and black. On the parts where the color blue is dominant, you will see the elegant graduation between cobalt blue and dark blue. Additionally, when you hover over some graphical elements, a smooth transition will occur to reveal menus and a change of graphical elements. 

Aside from the website, Spin996 is also available in mobile versions which are well optimized for smaller screens. In the mobile application, the graphical elements are also smoother and the features are well matched with the transitory nature of mobile phones. The sheer portability of mobile phones is also perfect when it comes to accessing services anywhere.

Spin996 Customer Service

One of the strong qualities of Spin996 is the accommodating nature of its customer support system. Customer service is available 24/7 and players can contact the support team anytime. 

The customer service of Spin996 is also available in a variety of most of the contacts such as phone calls, live chat, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Pinterest, WeChat, and WhatsApp. All of these messaging platforms are accessible on the site so that players can drop their inquiries on them and they will be attended to shortly. 

Spin996 Social Media

Facebook: Spin_996

Instagram:  spin_996

Spin996 Contact Information

Phone: +601123300701

Telegram: +601123300701

WhatsApp: +601123300701

WeChat: spin996

Live Chat: Yes

Spin996 Details


Playtech, Gold Deluxe, Sunbet, Mega888, Allbet Gaming, XPG, Red Tiger Gaming, Betsoft Gaming, Laxino, SA Gaming, DreamGaming, Joker, Spadegaming, BBIN, and Asia Gaming. 

Deposit Methods

Local bank transfer 

Withdrawal Methods

 Local bank transfer 

Withdrawal Limits

SGD 50 (Max SGD 50k – 5x a day)




English, Chinese, and Malay


Singapore Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit 

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