S88 Review

As you’ve probably known already, Singapore is one of the world’s best places to be if you want to gamble. Two of the world’s top casinos are truly a sight to behold and experience.
Surprisingly, you don’t need to fly across countries just to get a taste of what it’s like to play at a luxurious casino resort. Because why travel miles of flights when you can get the same experience in the comfort of your own home!

singapore online sportsbook

SG88 claims to be the number 1 online casino in Singapore and this review will hopefully give you a better idea of what to expect if this claim holds true or it’s just another flat promise.
Overall, it is indeed a satisfying experience. However, we have delved deeper in order to deliver a piece of much more detailed information on whether SG88 is worth your effort and time. Now sit back, relax, and without further ado, let’s get on with our review!

SG88 Pros and Cons


list arrowSecured services
list arrowUnique and tons of promotions and bonuses
list arrow24/7 Customer support
list arrowHundreds of casino games available
list arrowQuick transactions for deposit and withdrawal
list arrowLive sports betting


list arrowOnly supports SGD for currency
list arrowEnglish language support only

SG88 Bonuses

Bonuses in SG88 are something you’d love to take advantage of. Like any other online casinos on the web, SG88 offers a great number of promotions, deals, discounts, rebates, bonuses, gifts, and more!

What sets SG88 apart from the competition is the assortment of bonuses and even unique ones, too. They offer what they call “Daily Rescue Bonus” where depending on your win/loss, you’ll get a specific amount on your account by simply playing more! It’s a great way to reassure that whether you win or lose, there’s always something to look forward to.

Another promotion that is unique to SG88 is that when you join their Telegram channel, you will get a free $8 in which some other terms and conditions apply. All promotions are mostly requiring players to become their member, this included.

They also offer one of the highest first deposit bonuses in the market at $1588 and including low wagers. There’s always something to watch out for every day like daily gifts and reload bonuses, too!

S88 Banking

list arrowMinimum deposit: SGD 30
list arrowDeposit methods: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer
list arrowWithdrawal methods: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer
list arrowWithdrawal limits: SGD 20,000-50,000
list arrowSupported currencies: SGD

SG88 Sportsbook

Right from the get-go you are given two options of bookmakers. This could only mean one thing: the freedom to choose a wide variety of sports betting available in SG88.

As you can expect from a bookmaker, all your favorite sports are here! Choose whether you’d want to jump straight into your favorite sport or select from a list of relatively thrilling leagues in the market.

Talking about sports, bet on your favorites such as the ever-popular football, action-packed basketball, thrilling tennis, exciting baseball, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball and so much more!

If finding which sport to place your bet on is giving you a hard time, why not choose from the list of Markets? Choose which football markets you’d wish to bet on. Whether it would be an early market, mix parlay, or outright, everything is just as exhilarating.

You can also sort everything by filtering what markets you wanted to see, arrange by time or date, or choose whether to check on single and double payline. Online betting has never been this much intuitive.

SG88 Live Casino

Apart from sports, you’ll find yourself choosing among a list of quality live casino games in SG88. They originally have four providers but it is only inevitable to include and add more! And what a great decision for them to do so.

Live casino games are probably where SG88 shines at. Their collection of amazing games is the library to die for. Choose your suite and get access to the world-class quality games from the most reputable developer names in the whole gambling industry.

Apart from it, they offer an excellent variety collectively which fully exemplify what a true online gambling in Singapore means. Catering to pretty much every kind of player out there.

Live casinos are amongst the favorites when it comes to online gambling. You get to play with virtually anyone across the globe wherever an internet connection is accessible.

SG88 understands this market and is doing exceedingly well in fully utilizing its potential while bringing top-notch service to all its customers.

Top Providers: Dream Gaming, Galaxy Gaming, Asia Gaming, Allbet

SG88 Slots

It is only expected that an online casino website should have a plethora of enticing casino games. Slot games are amongst the most popular and the main reason being is accessibility.

Playing online casinos are accessible in of themselves already. Slots are probably the most sought-after online game as it is very simple to learn and play. It is a game you could always recommend for starters.

SG88 made sure that there will be no shortages of slot games. Onboard are only well-known and respected providers across the entire gambling market. With that said, you can rely on the fact that all of the games you can look forward to are equally fun and exciting.

You can choose from traditional slots or try 3D slots if you haven’t already. What’s remarkable is the attention to detail whatever theme you decide to pick. Choosing one after another brings a completely different experience but the same satisfaction.

Top Providers: MicroGaming, Maxim, Allbet, Royal 3D

SG88 User Experience

Admittedly, you can compare SG88 with any other online casino websites and probably choose the others in terms of aesthetics. But you’d be lying if the reason you’re choosing to play on a website is mainly because of its looks.

SG88 may not be the most appealing when it comes to presentation, it is instead packed with only what’s essential without all the unnecessary stuff that makes a website clunky.

It got the basics and the right amount of simplicity that will certainly appeal to the general public.

Each section of their pages is consistently simplistic in design and it makes for a much more welcoming experience as you would not find yourself intimidated by an excessive number of menus, dropdowns, or additional windows.

For starters, registration and signing up as a new member is such a breeze. Combined that with the fact that a ton of promotions and bonuses awaits you is what makes everything else sweeter.

SG88 Loyalty Program

Sportsbook Daily Rebates0.10%0.15%0.20%0.25%0.30%
Live Casino Daily Rebates0.05%0.10%0.20%0.30%0.40%
Slots Daily Rebates0.20%0.30%0.40%0.50%0.50%
Maximum Daily withdrawal$5000$10000$15000$20000$50000
Birthday And Anniversary Bonus$88$188$288$388

SG88 Customer Service

Whenever we have inquiries, feedback, suggestions, or any other kind of comment, it is the customer service that we look after. After all, not every website is perfect and it’s only natural to have flaws.

Customer Service provides all the necessary services to complement the overall experience that consumers deserve. In most cases, it is essential that the service itself should be available around the clock, each day of the week.

SG88’s customer service represents the brand in the most professional way possible. You have got to admire the fact that plenty of options can be made whenever there’s a need to reach them.

You can send them an email, contact them via WhatsApp, through Facebook’s Messenger, join their channel on Telegram or immediately reach them with their live chat. With this many options, there’s surely one that you can find that is the most convenient.
Friendly contact support and an overall satisfying interaction whatever option of contact method you choose.

SG88 Social Media

SG88 Contact Information

SG88 Details

Withdrawal Methods
Withdrawal Limits
when you sign up today!
✔ Daily deposit bonus up to 888
✔ Hit turnover and win up to 588
✔ All goals prediction challenge
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
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singapore online sportsbook
singapore online sportsbook
singapore online sportsbook