BK8 Review

BK8 in a sense is a very interesting website. It is a complete package which is a very great factor to become one of the respective and high-quality online casinos in the business. They have a sportsbook with football betting and a live casino. They also highlighted their poker game which is a very rare scene for a bookie.

They have a live chat which is good but the downside is that you need to sign up before you can start chatting with their customer service representative. Another annoying thing is that it pops out in a separate window.

In terms of graphics if you are a person who likes organized and a bit formal design This is the bookie for you. Their design is a bit modern but with more of an old school approach. One thing that is unlikely to be annoying in their footer section is the long articles and descriptions for their homepage; it is like reading a casino portion in a newspaper gazette.

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BK8 Pros and Cons


list arrowWide varieties of promotions
list arrowOrganized website
list arrowHave a poker button
list arrowSafe and secured
list arrowHave streams


list arrowInfo overload in the homepage
list arrowLive chat needs to enter username
list arrowLive chat pops out in another window

BK8 Bonuses

One thing’s for sure, their bonus for every category in their online bookie is very high. Sportsbooks, live casinos, and slot machines are all in a 100% welcome bonus. Their VIP deposit bonus is also 100%.

Another great bonus in their promotions is their invite a friend bonus. When your friend signs up and deposits under your referral name, you and your friend will get 50 THB in your bank account.

One thing that makes their promotions high is their Wednesday deposit bonus. If you deposit a total of 5,000 THB on a Wednesday you will get 500 THB absolutely free. Their highest is 50,000 THB which in return will give you 5,000 THB in return.

If you’re looking for a bookie with great deals of promotions BK8 is one of the recommendable bookies for you. Just don’t forget to read the descriptions so that you will not have a problem in the future.

Banking at BK8

list arrowMinimum Deposit: N/A
list arrowDeposit Method: Bank transfer via local bank account, Help2pay/Eeziepay
list arrowMinimum Withdrawal: N/A
list arrowWithdrawal Method: Online Banking

list arrowPayment options: Local bank transfer, Help2pay/Eeziepay
list arrowSupported currencies: IDR, THB, MYR, VND

BK8 Sportsbook

Live betting: Available

BK8’s sportsbook is among the quality sportsbooks in the industry of online betting. They have more than three providers and one affiliate which is Sbobet. Although in terms of independence BK8 is not within the leaderboards of the quality sportsbook makers but the way they handle it is outstanding.

They offer a lot of sports too. Football betting, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other top sports in the world.

The only thing that they lack is Esports. Esports is one of the rising betting categories in online casinos and if you’re a bookie and you want to keep up with the competition, you better innovate. Which is something that BK8 should consider doing? Who knows maybe in the years or days to come they might have it.

Their odds are good too but compared to other bookies whose odds are close to perfect they are second or third place far from them. However, the overall quality of their sports betting category is 7/10

BK8 Live Casino

Going over to their live casino section it is also a respectable and recommendable place to start your online betting career. They have lots of gaming providers including some that are on the top list in the industry of game creators in the world.

Some of their good providers are Sexy Baccarat and SA gaming. You are sure to have fun with these two providers.

They also have good bonuses in their live casino section which are the 100% deposit bonus and the 20% reload bonus which can go to as high as 9,000 baht. But make sure to read the rules and description of this bonus before you try and hit it.

If you are a fan of poker then you will love BK8 because they have an exclusive tab, especially for poker. They also have tournaments for this kind of game. Imagine playing online with the thrill that you can feel like in land-based casinos.

Top providers: Gold Deluxe, DreamGaming, Allbet, Evolution Gaming, Gameplay interactive, Asia Gaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Microgaming, SA Gaming

BK8 Slots

Like their live casino, their slot machine section is also commendable. They have more than three providers which are a good factor and they have promotions that are partnered with their slot section.

Some of their notable providers are Playtech and D.18 Kiss. These are one of the good slot providers around. You will surely have fun while pressing those buttons and watching those reels go because you know that you are in good hands through these providers.

Like with their live casino their welcome bonus for slot is also a hundred percent. They also have a 20% and 30% reload bonus that you can try and hit. If you are a starter or a professional slot player you can play their slot with ease and it is sure that you will not be disappointed.

Top providers: Spadegaming, Playtech, Toptrend, Ultimate, Microgaming, GameplayInteractive, Asia Gaming, D.18 Kiss, Play n Go

BK8 Loyalty Program

VIP perks

list arrowService Support
list arrow Exclusive Bonus
list arrowSpecial Rebate
list arrowGifts and Treats
list arrowSubscriptions and Events
list arrowReferral Bonus Program

Tier levels:

list arrowBronze
list arrowSilver
list arrowGold
list arrowPlatinum
list arrowDIamond

BK8 User Experience

If you are going to navigate the website of BK8 you will surely find anything that you are looking for. Their classy design is user friendly. Except for the part where their information looks like a newspaper portion. But all in all the web is great.

Their sportsbook is also great. Their odds are not that bad enough for you to enjoy a night’s game while betting in their bookie.

Their live casino is the greatest experience of all if you sign up with their online casino. Their great providers won’t let you down partnered with great BK8 promotions it a whole different casino experience.

The only bad part of their vast number of providers is that some of their providers are always in maintenance. Nevertheless, it only takes weeks or days before the provider is back and you can play again. Rating their live casino would be 9/10.

BK8 Customer Service

This might be the only thing that BK8 is not commendable about. The support details that they have are few. They only have live chat which is not that good and line.

A good bookie has different ways of addressing the concerns of their players and members. In order to do this, they have to provide different support platforms like skype, Viber, telegram, postal, or email, which BK8 doesn’t have.

Their live chat also has one major red flag. You must enter your username first before you can use it. This is a good security measure for their members but they also have to cater to the concerns of non-member that have questions in regards to their services.

However, their customer service representative makes up for it. They reply within minutes which is a good factor in chat support services. It will still be on a case to case basis but all in all, their customer service is 5/10 in terms of availability.

BK8 Social Media

Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/bk8livethai/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bk8girls/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLsV4K8sbap4HMrnYi88wg

BK8 Contact Information

Live chat: yes
Line: @bk8info

on your first deposit
✔ Up to $50 daily reload bonus
✔ 10% Unlimited reload bonus
✔ 1% Unlimited daily cash rebate
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3.5 Overall Rating

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