12play1 Review

One thing is for sure 12play1 is one of the best online bookies in the industry of online casinos. From the moment you go to their web page, you will feel a different gaming experience once that title opening hits you.

The web layout is absolutely gorgeous. The black and red combination is perfect for those who like the authentic casino color. A mixture of both class and elegance. They used heavy images but they managed to solve the loading issues because their web page loads fast.

12play1 are also complete in games. They have a live casino, sportsbook with Esports feature, slot machine, lottery, and the special slot machine that they have designed.

You can also choose to be a VIP member which not all online casinos have. You can choose from normal up to platinum depending on how important you want to get.

They have pretty decent promotions and bonuses too. If you are a bonus hunter you will love betting in this bookie.

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12play1 Pros and Cons


list arrowGreat web design
list arrowVariety of games
list arrowHave Esports
list arrowSpecial slot machine
list arrowHave VIP


list arrowLong text at the bottom
list arrowFew language options
list arrowFew social media

12play1 Bonuses

Despite having just fourteen promotions and bonuses, the quality of each promotion makes up for it.

They are not cheap in giving their customers a taste of true bonuses that they can actually enjoy.

The best promotions that they have is the slot bonus that can go as high as 500,000 Singapore dollar. This is a tournament especially for Pragmatic Play slots (Aztec Gems & Cash Drop).

They also have a “birthday bonus” that will give your birthday more meaning and a memorable one. Another special promotion that they have is the “referral bonus”. You can enjoy three stages: 1st referral with deposits (10%), 2nd referral with deposits (10%), and 3rd referral with deposits 15%.

What’s great about this referral bonus is that it goes on as long as you have someone to refer and they deposit.

If you are a bonus hunter you’ll find 12play1 something to look forward to. You will surely love the bonuses that they offer.

Banking at 12play1

list arrowMinimum deposit: depends on the bank
list arrowDeposit method: local bank transfer
list arrowMinimum withdrawal: depends on the bank
list arrowWithdrawal method: local bank transfer
list arrowPayment options: local bank transfer
list arrowSupported currencies: Malaysian ringgit, Singapore dollar

12play1 Sportsbook

Online betting in 12play1’s sportsbook is going to be something special. They have three options of providers that you can choose from (iGKbet, CMD368, CMD368 virtual sports).

There are also odds categories that you can choose from whichever taste you like. Fraction, decimal, or American odds they have it.

In terms of sports and sports league, you won’t run out. They have basketball, baseball
Ice hockey and of course, football betting.

If you love video games then virtual sports are for you which 12play1 has. Their virtual sports are brought to you by CMD368 one of the greatest providers of sportsbooks.

What makes their sportsbook standout is their Esports. Having Esports as an option is a characteristic of a good and versatile bookie because they have adapted to the modern sports in our society.

This is a sign that a bookie is innovative and can give more for their respective customers.

In addition, 12play1 sports betting is commendable and has what it takes to be among the top sportsbooks in town.

Top providers: iGKbet, CMD368, CMD368 virtual sports

12play1 Live Casino

Choosing the right provider looks great already. They have an organized list of providers that you can choose from. Although they could remove the moving feature of this list because when you are choosing you’ll get annoyed once the list moves and you have to click next again just to see that provider.

Well, they have only 8 providers in their live casino but some of them are respected providers in the industry such as Sexy baccarat, Pragmatic Play, and SA Gaming.

You can choose your favorite table games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette because they are all available.

If you want some bonuses don’t fret because they have bonuses to go along with their games. You can also apply for a VIP so that you can maximize the promotions that they offer.

They also have some useful information on the button which you can read if you want to know about the games that they offer.

Top providers: Pragmatic Play, SA Gaming, Evolution Gaming, WM casino, Ezugi, Sexy Baccarat, Allbet, HO Gaming

12play1 Slots

They only have seven providers in their slot machine and fishing section. But like what was mentioned in their live casino, these providers are the best providers around. Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, and Playtech are among the best of the best so you are sure that you can get the quality service that you want in regards to slot machines.

They also have some useful information at the bottom of the web page, useful for some rookies who just started playing slot machines. They also have a demo mode but you have to log in first before you can access this feature.

12play1 also have their special slot that slot lovers can look forward to, 12Slot. Here you can bonuses that range from 7% up to 100%. You can also see the jackpot prize that can still be won and the list of players who won certain amounts of money.

Nevertheless, playing slot machines in 12play1 will be remarkable and fun.

Top providers: Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, Top Trend, Playtech, CQ9, SpadeGaming, Gamatron

12play1 Loyalty Program

Normal: monthly bet less than 100,000

list arrowBirthday bonus: 38
list arrowLive Casino 0.60%
list arrowSportsbook 0.30%
list arrowEsports 0.30%
list arrowSlot 0.30%
list arrowLottery 10%

Bronze: minimum monthly bet of 100,000

list arrowBirthday bonus 88
list arrowLive Casino 0.65%
list arrowSportsbook 0.30%
list arrowEsports 0.30%
list arrowSlot 0.30%
list arrowLottery 10%

Silver: minimum monthly bet of 250,000

list arrowBirthday bonus 388
list arrowLive Casino 0.70%
list arrowSportsbook 0.35%
list arrowEsports 0.35%
list arrowSlot 0.35%
list arrowLottery 10%

Gold: minimum monthly bet of 1,000,000

list arrowBirthday bonus 888
list arrowLive Casino 0.80%
list arrowSportsbook 0.40%
list arrowEsports 0.40%
list arrowSlot 0.40%
list arrowLottery 10%

Platinum: minimum monthly bet of 5,000,000

list arrowBirthday bonus 2088
list arrowLive Casino 1.00%
list arrowSportsbook 0.50%
list arrowEsports 0.50%
list arrowSlot 0.50%
list arrowLottery 10%

12play1 User Experience

12play1 is a decent online casino. It is very classy in terms of design so you’ll feel something great at the very first step of your journey to them if you ever chose them as your bookie. Their web loads fast so you’ll not grow impatient of waiting long seconds before the other page that you have clicked appears.

You’ll also have fun in their sportsbook because they have several options and they do have Esports too. You can also enjoy the experience of virtual sports because they have it.

In regards to live casino experience, you can have a great feeling towards it too. You can enjoy betting in their live casino games without any fuss.

To go along with these gaming experiences are promotions and bonuses that are quality and have been thought thoroughly so that it will be a win-win situation between the customer and the bookie.

All in all the experience that you can have with this online casino is going to be a great one.

12play1 Customer Service

A great casino needs great customer support and an array of different platforms where your customer can reach you. 12play1 has several ways on how you can contact them. Through email, WeChat, Skype, and Telegram. Their email section has specific designations like for member’s inquiries, finance, marketing, and suggestions.

Their live support is also great. They answer quickly and attend your needs. Although there may be some cases where they have to find the answer first or specific thing if the level of your inquiry is difficult. But still, the customer support that replies fast is something.

What may be the downside of their customer support is it’s a little bit hard to find where these contacts are. You have to click several words at the footer so you’ll be redirected into another page where you can find the rest of the answers that you want to find. They could just insert it to their homepage instead of redirecting the customers into another page.

12play1 Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/12play/

12play1 Contact Information

Member service – support@12play.com
Marketing inquiries – marketing@12play.com
Cashier and finance inquiries – bank@12play.com
Issues and feedback – admin@12play.com
Affiliate matters – affiliate@12play.com

Skype: asia12play
WeChat: ASIA12PLAY_01 (Malaysia) / ASIA12PLAY_02 (Singapore)
Telegram: https://bit.ly/12PlaySG

and get a 100% welcome deposit bonus worth 5,000 SGD
✔ Birthday bonus up to 2088
✔ 35% Referral bonus
✔ Sports fever (TO based up to 588)
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.5 Overall Rating

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